SYB students had second activity with Fudan

 SYB students had second activity with Fudan

On December 9th, 2018,  Fudan University Undergraduate Student Homes Community Development Center (hereafter referred to as community center) welcomed SYB (Shanghai Young Bakers, hereafter referred to as “SYB”) students were happily joining hands to participate in SYB’s second team building event in this semester.  They had a great time there and it was the best way to chase away the chilliness in the winter.
The venue was in Shanghai Caoyang Vocational School ,SYB’s partner school. All the people from the community center arrived punctually at 12:45 and they were so sweet and went to pick up SYB students at the bus station. It was such a joy to meet again and see familiar faces. After having everything set up quickly and smoothly, they couldn’t wait any longer to start the activities.
 Fruit Match Game
This was the game about good memory, only pick out the fruit cards with the same pattern can be eliminated. It was quite dazzling with so many cards turning over at the same time. Let’s have a competition about which group have the best memory!As the old Chinese saying goes ‘the palest ink is better than the best memory’, so one person chosen within each team was responsible for keeping a track of all the cards and this person play an important role for the whole team and is the key to winning the game.

Memory is very important, and physical coordination is indispensable for playing the game as well. Each team was divided into two groups, the first one was only allowed to use their head balloon to pass the balloon around, the others  only allowed to pass a balloon with their legs. If the balloon touched the ground, they had to start it again. It seemed to be an easy game, but good teamwork was highly required for playing well.

After two rounds of the game, the group of winner also received their prize-two silk ribbons. What’s this for? Don’t worry. They’ll play a big role in the following games.
They were so excited to move to round three-Makeover.In this session, we chosen a classic television clip for each group, and each group completed these fragment-based costume creations with the specified materials. Hey! Now we know the function of silk ribbons!

30 minutes later, with their collective work, the final products turned out pretty amazing. Everyone was amazed by the creative designs and the great performances by the models. Which one do you want to pick?
Wait!! They were not done yet. Now they have made great costumes, watched inspiring videos, but something was still missing. What would it be? Obviously, it was to make good use of everything to put on a show. Hilarious parts from Ipartment( a Chinese sitcom), the remake of the stories in classic, My Own Swordsman(Chinese period action slapstick) and the reproduction of one of the most talked about scenes in Romance in the Rain( a 2001 Chinese period drama), they couldn’t help but laugh out loud the whole time when they were watching.
Happy times always went by so fast. It was so sad that the event almost came to an end. They all looked forward to meeting again  next spring.