In-Kind Support

SYB enjoys the generous support of many sponsors who cover our various needs: 


Sinodis is a food and beverage importer generously supporting SYB by providing free dairy and pastry products for use in our training. This exclusive sponsorship includes the following brands: Valrhona, Elle & Vire, DGF, Milkana and Corman.

Moulins Bourgeois

Today, Queen flour is well known in Chinese top bakery markets, distributes flour of “BOURGEOIS, BAGUÉPI”, “Mélior” “SHOWA”, and Gentle Breeze” across the nation, and was the official exclusive flour sponsor of Modial du pain China 2018 and Louis Lesaffre Cup China 2019.


Lesaffre is the world's leader in manufacturing superior yeast products and baking solutions. The company provides SYB with its premium quality yeast. 


Mazars is an international accounting firm which provides bookkeeping services to support SYB in its mission to become a sound social enterprise.


The Shanghai-based design firm supporting SYB with printing and design. 

Pure Relocation

Pure Relocation is a leading provider of international relocation and moving services in China. The company had sponsored SYB's latest office move.