Our training

SYB’s free, comprehensive 11-month training programme aims to equip students with valuable technical and life skills, empowering them to build successful careers and become financially independent.
Based on the French “alternance” training model that is very popular in Europe, students alternate between 2 weeks of classes at school with 2 weeks of practical internships at international 5-star hotels for the programme’s entire duration. While the programme focuses on traditional French and western bakery, it also includes a Chinese pastry course leading to an official certificate recognised throughout China. Finally, students also take classes in life skills and English to improve their ability to adapt to and succeed in different work environments.
Due to the growing demand for qualified bakers in China, our graduates are able to find promising jobs in high-end hotels, restaurants and bakeries.

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Our Training allows our students to gain excellent baking and life skills combined with practical internships at 5-star hotels.
Meet Our Trainers, who dedicate their expertise, time and knowledge to the students’ training.
To ensure that our programme benefits those who need it the most, we have established a stringent and transparent Recruitment process.
Each year we recruit around thirty Students, all recommended by our partner NGOs and coming from different provinces in China.
As of 2017, more than 200 Graduates have completed the training - find out what they are doing now!
Read some of our graduates’ exciting Success Stories.