We have established a stringent and transparent recruitment process to ensure that our program truly benefits those who need it the most. Our program accepts around 30 students per year in order to maintain the quality of our training. The program is also designed to account for the fact that students come from different backgrounds, and strives to ensure that each student receives the support and attention that he or she may need. This model is one of the keys to our program’s high success rates.

We work with our network of partner NGOs to identify and select our students. Our goal is to empower disadvantaged youth who are excluded from stable employment opportunities and therefore will benefit the most from our program.

In general, our applicants should fit the following criteria:

  • Youth, ages 17-23, who, due to financial difficulties, are not able to continue their education
  • Family background: orphans; children of low-income, single-parent households; children whose parents are unable to support their family due to illness; family income and financial situations should meet the local criteria for those experiencing financial difficulties
  • Physically healthy, able to meet the health requirements set by the baking/food & beverages industry; we regret that we are not able to consider applicants with congenital heart diseases, spinal cord problems, issues with extremities, severe injuries and disabilities at this point
  • Have completed 9 years of compulsory education; are able to read, write and calculate; physically and mentally fit for kitchen work; have no previous criminal records
  • Willing to comply with program disciplines; not engaged in other activities during the training period, including part-time or full-time work
  • Need to be recommended by one of our partner associations who have been working with these individuals and are well aware of their family and financial situations
Notes: 1. "Financial difficulties" refer to situations where per capita income for the applicants and their family is lower than the standard for minimum wage in their local areas (city). The family's financial situation should meet the criteria for low-income families in their local areas (determined together by our recommending partners and SYB's operation partner). We will consider on a case-by-case basis applicants whose families experienced financial difficulties due to unforeseen events. 2. Applicants need to provide relevant documentations to demonstrate financial difficulties, criminal records and their education history. 3. Should SYB find that trainees falsified application documents, or in fact did not meet our admission criteria or otherwise seriously violated program disciplines, its operation partner reserves the right to terminate the training of the trainees immediately, inform their recommending NGOs and send them back home. 4. The admission criteria stated here are set by SYB's operation partner and are subject to further revisions and clarifications each year. Please refer to our official website and related announcements for the final version. 5. SYB's current and sole operation partner is Reyfeng Development Center. 

 Our recruitment process includes:

  • A written application, completed by both the candidates and the partner association who recommends them
  • Shorted-listed candidates are contacted for an interview with SYB’s program managers, either in-person or over the phone
 Acceptance is based on the candidate’s personal motivation and his/her family’s financial difficulties.