Management Team

Founded and operated by twelve French volunteers from the French Junior Economic Chamber (JCEF) in Shanghai in 2008, the Shanghai Young Bakers has grown over the years to become a multicultural team of passionate volunteers and full-time staff. As the project matured and garnered greater public acclaim over its first two years, the founders recognised the need for diversity to better serve SYB’s beneficiaries, sponsors, and supporters. While most of the initial volunteers have left the project due to family and work-related reasons, the team has since become more stable by recruiting two full-time directors, as well as drawing expertise and resources from a wide range of professional staff, interns and volunteers.
Today, Marie Augereau and Liu Chenbo, SYB’s two directors, collaborate with staff, interns and volunteers of different nationalities to build a fully-sponsored vocational training programme in French bakery for marginalised Chinese youth.