Professional Training

Here are all our training services for the people that want to pursue professionalism!

Professional bakers, pastry chefs, bakery-team managers, and aspiring bakers, discover our set of French bakery & pastry training programs, the first of its kind in Shanghai!
Thanks to our long experience in premium French bakery & pastry teaching, we have designed various and flexible training offers that allow professional bakers and pastry chefs to get knowledge and inspiration from highly recognized bakers and chefs, upgrade their skills, techniques, learn unique advanced recipes and make the difference on the market.

Public Professional Training

Our Offer: We provide 1 to 4 days French bakery and French pastry intensive classes including both theoretical and practical components.

Teaching : All classes are taught by top-level bakers and pastry chefs with high-level education and international experience in French bakery or pastry.

Please write to if you are interested in public professional training, including our masterclasses.


Private & In-House Professional Training

If you are a bakery or café owner, a bakery-team or pastry-team manager, we can design a tailor-made training to enhance the skills of your team on French bakery in general or on certain specific areas, like teaching your employees to master recipes of some new products you want to set on your menu.
Having issues when it comes to finding and hiring the best bakers or in upgrading the skills of your current staff? Want your team to be able to make the best baguette, Danishes or Viennese breads in the city? Given our long experience and strong experience in French bakery, we can make that possible for you.
Depending on your needs, these private trainings can happen either in your bakery kitchen or at SYB’s Baking Center in Putuo District, Shanghai.
Please write to

if you are interested by private & in-house training.

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