Consulting Services

For bakery shops and food industries, we have created various tailor-made consulting services.

Public/ Private Professional Training

Are you a Bakery or Pastry Team Manager and you would like to upgrade your team’s skills in French Bakery or Pastry? Please check out our Professional Training page

Recipe Development or Improvement

•For bakeries, cafés and restaurants:

    Are you a bakery, café or restaurant manager and you would like to offer authentic homemade French bakery products or improve your current recipes?
    Thanks to our long-term expertise, we can support you in this entire process from defining the best recipes for your business, organizing a series of trials and tastings, calculating costs, and providing the necessary explanations and training for your staff.

•For Food & Beverage industries:

    Working in a food company and you are aiming to launch new bakery/pastry products? We can support you in the earlier development stage and explore the best recipes before industrialization.
    Is your marketing objective to encourage customers to use your products in pastry or bakery? We can develop creative bakery or pastry recipes to inspire your consumers and diversify your product’s usage.

Contact:Please contact if you are interested by our consulting services.