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This contains the most common products that you can order all year long.


If you need specially baked products for your business events or personal parties, do not hesitate to talk to our consulting team from SYB, and we are happy to help you bake it happen!

Baker's Basket

Each month you will be able to order a basket with products that SYB's students are learning in that month. A delicious way to learn about SYB students' progress! 

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Both Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) and Village 127 are social enterprises supported by Chi Heng Foundation. The Foundation has been in collaboration with SYB since 2008. In July 2015, Village 127 opened in Shanghai with a high-spirited team of professional bakers, mostly SYB graduates. The name ‘Village 127’ was inspired by the first 127 students from rural villages that received funding from the Foundation. 

SYB and Village 127 are in close cooperation for many activities, such as local market events in Shanghai. This catering service is a further step towards our common goal — to help marginalized Chinese youths to lead an independent and decent life. Through this service and our other commercial activities, you will be part of our students' journey to become professional bakers. 


Apple Danish

¥18, 60g.
Croissant - SYB


¥14, 70g.
Baguette - SYB


¥16, 350g.
Pain au chocolat - SYB

Pain au chocolat

¥16, 70g.
A Brezel


¥12, 80g.
pain de campagne - SYB

Pain de campagne

¥22, 350g.
Brioche - SYB


¥6, 35g. Minimum ordering amount: 10.

Sweet Pastry

Pear Tart - SYB

Almond Tart

¥12, Ø 4cm. Flavour: Apple / Pear.
Orange & Strawberry Puff

Orange & Strawberry Puff

¥14, Ø 4cm.
Canelé - SYB


¥16, Ø 5cm.

Lemon Tart

¥10, Ø 4cm.
Macaron - single


¥10, Ø 3.5cm. Flavour: blueberry / chocolate / coffee / mango / raspberry / strawberry / vanilla.

Chocolate Tart

¥14, Ø 4cm.


¥6, 6.8x4.5cm.
Eclaire - SYB


¥10, 3x7cm. Flavour: vanilla / chocolate / coffee / rum.

Cup Cake

¥12, Ø 3cm.

Mango Tart

¥14, Ø 4cm. Seasonal product.

Cake (Customizable)

Black Forest

¥258, Ø 20cm.


¥258, 20x20cm.


¥258, 20x20cm.
Rose & Rasberry Mousse - SYB

Rose & Rasberry Mousse

¥258, Ø 20cm.
Cheese Cake - SYB

Cheese Cake

¥248, Ø 20cm.
Cake customization - SYB

Customizaed Big Cake

Talk to us now about your customization needs or ideas, and we are happy to help you bake it happen!

Chocolate Mousse

¥248, Ø 20cm.

Mini Sandwich & Salty Pastry

Grapefruit Sandwich - SYB

Croissant Sandwich - Grapefruit

¥16, bread: 25g.
Salmon Puff - SYB

Sandwich - Puff & Smoked Salmon

¥14, bread: 25g.
Bacon Puff Pastry - SYB

Bacon Puff Pastry

¥7, Ø 5cm.
Pine nut & Veggie Mini Sandwich - SYB

Sandwich - Pine nut & Veggies

¥14, bread: 30g.
Bacon, Cheese, Arugula Sandwich - SYB

Sandwich - Bacon, Cheese, Rocket/Arugula

¥16, bread: 30g.
Tomato & Mozzarella Puff Pastry

Tomato & Mozzarella Puff Pastry

¥7, Ø 5cm.
Veggie Mini Sandwich - SYB

Sandwich - Egg, Potatoes & Veggies

¥14, bread: 25g.
Mini Ham Sandwich - SYB

Sandwich - Ham/Tuna & Salad

¥14, bread: 30g.
Bacon Roll - SYB

Puff Pastry Roll

¥7, 4cm. Flavour: bacon / olive.
Smoked Ham & Veggie Sandwich - SYB

Sandwich - Smoked Ham & Veggies

¥16, bread: 30g.
Quiche - SYB


¥20, Ø 4cm. Flavour: Bacon / Mushroom / Broccoli

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To enquire about or place order for this service, please contact SYB's Social Enterprise Coordinator via WeChat. You can also send emails to baking@shanghaiyoungbakers.com.

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