Open Positions

Shanghai Young Bakers is hiring!
If you would like to join our team, whether on a long-term basis or for a 6-month internship, please check out the opportunities below.To apply, please send your CV to Include a cover email telling us more about your current situation, your reasons for wanting to join SYB, and any relevant qualifications or experience for the position. We look forward to hearing from you!

Social Enterprise Director

In order to increase its financial stability, since end 2011 SYB operates a social enterprise program, that offers public bakery classes, bread & pastry catering, and technical consulting services to individuals and companies wishing to contribute to the success and sustainability of the program.
We are looking for a professional and stable manager to lead the Social Enterprise operations of Shanghai Young Bakers. Candidates should have a fluent level of English + Chinese and/or French, and have significant knowledge and experience in team management and/or French bakery and/or social enterprise operations.

This full-time position is NOW OPEN. There are multiple development opportunities and we expect candidates to commit to at least 3-5 years.


Office/Team Coordinator

As Shanghai Young Bakers continues to grow and diversify its training, commercial and outreach activities, we always welcome people with experience and a professional attitude, who share our belief in our mission to empower disadvantaged populations through bakery, and most importantly who can commit for at least 3-5 years, to accompany a strategical growth.

The Office/Team Coordinator is in charge of supporting the SYB team in its daily operational and administrative work. This position is currently filled but we may open similar roles in the future for specific projets and encourage motivated individuals to get in touch.


Educator / 生活老师

The Educator is in charge of caring for the students’ safety, well-being and emotional development during the duration of the training, by accompanying them on a daily basis as well as by organizing and supervising the non-technical curriculum. S/he also manages all education-related aspects of the program and works towards increasing the social impact of the organization.

This position is currently filled but we might open a similar or supporting role in the future. Please send us your resume if you would like to be considered.


Social Enterprise Coordinator

The Social Enterprise Coordinator is in charge of implementing our social enterprise’s strategy and managing all commercial operations, by promoting our revenue-generating services and coordinating related requests, activities and deliverables.

This position is currently filled but we may arrange similar roles for qualified candidates. We can also organise a similar supporting role for interns ready to commit for at least 5 months.


Internship opportunities           

At Shanghai Young Bakers, interns actively engage in a growing international non-profit organisation, learn more about NGO operations in a Chinese environment, and directly contribute to turning an initially small project into a fully-fledged social enterprise. Work is based at Chi Heng Foundation’s Shanghai Office and is carried out in close cooperation with staff and volunteers from different nationalities, expertise and backgrounds.

The following opportunities open up every 6 months, generally around summer time and winter time. Send your application now to be considered for the next session!


Special opportunity: Communication & Event Coordinator  

Shanghai Young Bakers strives to raise awareness about its actions, engage supporters and volunteers, promote its brand and give recognition to its partners, attract clients and bakery enthusiasts, through a professional and pro-active communication strategy.

The Communication & Event intern is in charge of designing and implementing SYB’s overall external communication strategy, both for the program and for the activities of its social enterprise, and helping with public baking classes, under the guidance of the SYB program director and with the support of other SYB staff.

Time commitment: minimum 3 months (>20 hours/week).


Communication Coordinator          

Shanghai Young Bakers strives to raise awareness about its actions, engage supporters and volunteers, promote its brand and give recognition to its partners, through a professional communication strategy.

The Communication Coordinator takes charge of designing and implementing SYB’s overall external communication strategy, under the guidance of the SYB program director and with the support of other SYB volunteers and staff.

Time commitment: minimum 5 months (25 hours/week).


Partnerships Manager                     

Shanghai Young Bakers relies on a network of sponsors and partners to operate its program. These include financial sponsors, hotel internship partners, in-kind donors, pro-bono service providers, as well as NGOs, schools and institutions who help ensure the quality of the program.

The Partnerships Manager is in charge of building and managing innovative and long-lasting relationships with new and current partners.

Time commitment: minimum 6 months (20 hours/week), ideally from May to November


Social Enterprise Promotion & Event Coordinator

SYB’s Social Enterprise relies on a specific promotional material, active engagement on social media, and good customer service support, in order to attract and retain more clients and fans to take part in SYB’s commercial activities and so raise funds for SYB’s charity training program.

The intern in charge of Social Enterprise Promotion is responsible for developing and disseminating new editorial and promotional content around SYB’s commercial offer, and for helping out with certain activities (in particular with the public baking classes).

Time commitment: minimum of 5 months (20 hours/week). Some adjustments in the role may be made to better fit the candidate’s specific skills, interests and availability.