Savoir with Sinodis

Savoir with Sinodis

Rich, chocolaty scent goes everywhere with the opening of the baking center, the students are gathered around the working area, the chocolate was sacredly going down chef’s gloves. It went from dull chocolate beans to beautiful ribbon-like chocolate ganache. Due to COVID-19, our high-quality ingredient training by Sinodis has moved to take place in the baking center. The chef brings the ingredients, the tools, and his brilliant skills to SYB and gives the baking center a complete makeover to chocolate heaven.

Chef Song has gotten along well with the students since the final exam, so naturally, he blends in this time. The training ends in laughter.

A chocolatier who doesn’t know how to act is not a good chocolatier, Chef Song jokes about himself. Besides his amazing desserts, he basically works with the chocolate like Jacky Chen in a well-known Kung Fu movie. Our students are beyond astonished. However, when they try to do the same as Chef Song, they just kept failing. “My eyes said they know but my hands disagree!” the students giggle.

The originally bland chocolate looks fancy with the garnish of cacao powder, edible gold, and stamp. Raw chocolate went through the process of being cut, getting matt coat; Ganache was decorated with cacao powder after shaping. Our students worked collaboratively and manage to create versatile spectacular chocolate.

At the end of the training, Chef Song guided our students to decorate. Decorate is an essential step for the chef but also the most easily ignored step as well. Chef Song took out a dozen of decoration plates, individual display plates, etc. This “superficial” decoration actually impressed our students a lot that they all took photos. They are really proud of what they have created today!

Project Director: Chenbo Liu
Article/Photos: Leaf Ye
Editing: Yvonne Zhang