Increasingly, companies are looking to give back to the community that they operate in and Corporate Social Responsibility has become an important part of doing business. By sponsoring SYB in the form of monetary support or by providing pro-bono services, your business can fulfill this objective. Your sponsorship also provides your company with an opportunity to advance your active support of entrepreneurship and social innovation programmes. Our needs are as follows:


  • Help with funding our education programme: student living expenses, tuition fees, insurance, student transportation, ingredients, teachers
  • Help with funding infrastructure: baking centre rental, bakery equipment, renovation, operational costs, website hosting & maintenance
  • Help with professional services: accounting services, printing services, website development and maintenance, design, photography, and video editing

You can also help by connecting us with organisations and foundations, or generous individuals who might be able to sponsor our needs.

Depending on the level of your sponsorship, we can offer various opportunities to improve your brand image and engage your employees in meaningful volunteer activities.

For instance we can offer to: 

  • Increase your visibility through our media coverage, events and monthly newsletter
  • Involve your employees in a volunteer team-building activity, where our students teach your employees how to bake breads or pastries of the employee’s choosing

Click here to see our Sponsorship opportunities file.

Please contact us at xueyin@chiheng.org for more information on how your participation can make a difference for both our students and your business.