Bakery Teambuilding

For companies or institutions looking for innovative and meaningful team building activities, why not join a worthy social initiative with group baking classes? All the class proceeds are used to help finance our program’s operational expenses.

We primarily offer three kinds of social team building activities:

  • Team building events: Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) offers tailored classes for company staff members where participants learn to make bread or pastries and build a sense of community while contributing to SYB’s charity program. These classes are all taught by our teachers, who have graduated from the French bakery institution EFBA (Ecole Francaise de Boulangerie d’Aurillac).
  • Corporate Volunteering activities: For companies making a significant donation, we can organize a special class where each employee/participant is paired with a student, who teaches them how to make bread. This is a great opportunity for social exchange as well as learning. It fosters confidence in our students as they get to experience being “teachers” for a day.
  • Baking workshops: Let SYB’s teachers and staff come to your company or school and organize a baking workshop. Have fun while contributing to our charity!

Our baking center can host up to 30 employees/participants per class and we can organize classes in Chinese, French or English.



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