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Founded in 2008, Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) is a charity program providing a fully-sponsored French bakery training to disadvantaged Chinese youth (aged 17-23), enabling them to find qualified jobs and lead independent lives after graduation.

During the one-year training, SYB students follow classes in traditional Western bakery, life skills and English, combined with a practical internship at international hotels.

Sponsored by Carrefour Foundation as well as Accor Foundation and other companies, this social innovation program is managed by a dynamic multicultural team, and operates under the governance of Chi Heng Foundation with the support of the Shanghai Charity Foundation.

Since 2011, half-day bakery classes, social teambuilding events, and bread & pastry catering are available to individuals and companies wishing to contribute to the success and sustainability of the program.  




公益组织海上青焙坊(Shanghai Young Bakers)成立于2008年,项目致力于为来自困难家庭17-23岁的青少年无偿提供一年的免费法式烘焙技术训练,以使得他们可以在毕业后找到合适的就业机会并自力更生。




Want to learn how to bake with a group of friends? Want to take part in a meaningful teambuilding?

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Aug 9, 2014


From the Young Bakers with Love

Here it is, this very special moment of the year: the 6th batch of SYB students has graduated! After one year of intensive training, about 104 hours of English classes, 130 of life skills, 208 of Chinese bakery and 416 of French bakery and pastry, the Young Bakers are now ready to stand on their own two feet! In this newsletter I would like to leave the floor to the fresh graduates to tell you more about what SYB has changed in them….

Floriane, SYB program manager



林兰, SYB项目经理






Jul 30, 2014

Thanks to your vote SYB will be one of the beneficaries of Chi Fan for Charity 2014!

SYB is pleased to inform you that we have been selected as one of the beneficaries of Chi Fan for Charity(CFFC) this year.We would like to thank every voter for your great support to SYB program! Now book a seat and eat for charity!

感谢您的投票和支持!SYB成为了Chi Fan for Charity2014年的受益项目!

海上青焙坊很荣幸地告诉大家,我们成为了Chi Fan for Charity(CFFC)2014年的受益项目。谨代表SYB全体成员对所有支持者表示最诚挚的感谢!



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