The Taste of Spring

What’s your most vivid impression of springtime? Magnolia trees in full bloom? Budding willow trees?  Sparkling sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye can see?  In addition to the beauty all around, have you ever thought about enjoying the taste of spring? Perhaps it’s pastries, desserts, and cakes that best describe the taste of spring.
Strawberries are the most delicious and seasonal spring fruit.  Strawberry cake is a perennial favorite, symbolic of the season itself.  Traditional favorites include strawberry charlotte, strawberry tarts, strawberry mille-feuille, strawberry mousse, and strawberry candy.
Colorful macarons – fully deserving of their esteemed position as a superstar in the world of patisserie. The variety and color combinations almost surpass the natural beauty of flowers outside your window.
And, their almost unlimited array of flavors, are sure to satisfy every taste and palate.
You probably can’t imagine any other season that’s more suitable for fresh flower cake than spring.  It’s the artistic combination of fresh fruit and flowers to create a lovely cake.  French chefs say it’s a bit bizarre, but the angels of spring certainly love it.
​Many people feel that chocolate, bold and aromatic, is best eaten in the spring.  What could be lovelier on a bright beautiful spring day than a book enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee and fine chocolate?  And, who could forget the extra joy of the Easter holiday and children hunting for chocolates and candies in the garden?
So, if springtime makes you think of sweets and pastries, please contact us. Our pastry chefs will do their utmost to bake the taste and beauty of springtime into sweets and pastries made expressly for you!Take advantage of the lovely spring weather and let us know what pastries and cakes you’re interested in.  Our experienced pastry chefs can help you design a selection that’s just right for you.  Please leave a message or scan the QR code for more information about our products.
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