SYB cooperated with Accenture for 2018 Annual Party Charity Auction

SYB was invited by Accenture Great China Corporate Citizenship Council to take part in the Annual Party Charity Auction, which was held in Pudong Shangri-la on Saturday 13rd Jan. This auction aims to help people get skills to succeed and to make a difference.
Layout site: bread and dessert display
Product: Sweet packed Puff & MacaronEmployees from Accenture at the auction open their purse buying bread and desserts one after another. We were busy in selling those products with joy.
Group photo taken for our staff member, teacher and volunteers from AccentureThank Accenture for the invitation! It’s a valued opportunity for us seeing people from Accenture to support the auction with their enthusiasm and to be part of making a difference! If your company would like to support charity by taking part in a charity auction, welcome to contact us!Tel:136 8186 7194