The Warmth of a Bakery Classroom

This year, Shanghai has been treated to several beautiful snowfalls. But here in Shanghai, where heating is not widespread, the cold can be quite chilling.  However on January 27, a lucky group of people enjoyed a wonderful class in the warmth of the Shanghai Young Bakers Baking Center.
As the falling snow blew outside the windows, the classroom was buzzing with activity.  The trainees not only baked together, they also shared their ideas and helped each other.
Teacher Jin Huizi, taught the class how to make several types of mini desserts – a great choice for holiday parties and events.
To ensure that the students, all novice bakers, had a productive and fun-filled day, three current SYB students assisted teacher Jin the entire day.
Although Ms. Jin could teach in French, she invited Ms. Chen Mengxin to provide English interpretation to ensure that the foreign students understood what was being said.
Although the weather was cold, enthusiasm ran high.  The trainees came from different countries and spoke different languages.  Some were couples, good friends, and colleagues.   Some even met in the class and became good friends.
Not only are SYB’s teachers and students very professional, today’s trainees were too.  Some even made detailed class notes!
Some of the trainees sought ideal positions to view the teacher’s demonstration.
They also asked many questions of the assistant teachers in to they understood correctly.
Waiting anxiously for their creations to come out of the oven!
Those who work hard, are the most beautiful people in the world.
The process of baking, brings people a sense of accomplishment and joy.
The trainees actively help the assistant coach clean up.
Lunch is the best time for people to make conversation with each other.  In addition, they also gave high marks to a new dessert created by Teacher Jin.
After lunch, everybody got to enjoy the fruits of his or her labor!
During this class, the trainees not only experienced the joy of learning bakery, they also experienced teamwork and friendship. It was truly a wonderful class.
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