Sharing training between the Young Bakers and SC Johnson employees

For the third year in a row, SYB is extremely grateful to have benefited from SC Johnson’s support! SC Johnson is a family run corporation, which produces a wide range of household products. This year, its donation was used to finance some of our 10th batch’s cleaning and training expenses used during their bakery and pastry classes.


In exchange for their generous donation, SYB organized two team-building activities with our young bakers for SC Johnson’s staff. A great way to reinforce SC Johnson employees’ CSR involvement.
The two baking activities took place at our baking centre on June 2ndand July 7th. These were great sharing experiences for both SYB students and SC Johnson staff. As SYB students taught SC Johnson participants baking techniques, SC Johnson showed our students how to use their cleaning products in our baking centre.

The first activity was a baking class with our bakery trainer, Zhang Shuai, during which participants learned how to bake Sweet Milk Bread. SC Johnson team was lead by Miki Xu, RD&E Manager at SC Johnson. The second was a pastry class led by Jin Huizi, who taught SC Johnson employees how to bake Naked Cake. SC Johnson team was lead by Yabin Jiang, Lean Manager at SC Johnson. During both of these activities, our young bakers and SC Johnson paired up into small groups. For some participants it was not their first time at SYB Baking center and were familiar with the baking process but for most of them it was the first time and they all paid attention to teachers instructions. It was exciting to watch our students instruct the participants as it highlighted how confident they had become after a year at SYB.

Once the groups finished baking, the students attentively listened to one of SC Johnson’s technical employees presenting SC Johnson company and products. After the presentation, the participant proceeded to doing a professional cleaning demonstration before the students. Our Young Bakers zealously listened to all of the tips given by the SC Johnson employee. Students particularly wanted to find out how best to clean their white kitchen uniforms, which are required to be immaculate!

Our Young Bakers and SC Johnson employees seemed to have very much enjoyed these baking activities. All parties valued the opportunity to share their personal experiences and knowledge. Therefore, in the name of SYB, I would like to thank SC Johnson for their long lasting support and thank all the participants for their engagement and high-spirited energy throughout our collaborative events.

Program Director