Let’s cool down with your imagination!

Although it is still hot and people are thinking about how to cool down the body temperature from the hot summer, Shanghai Young Bakers is one step ahead and recommends everyone an autumn dessert – Mont Blanc.

As a French classic dessert for autumn, Mont Blanc is very popular in China and Japan. Chinese people especially, have long a long tradition of eating chestnuts. Mont Blanc gradually stands out among other desserts and attracts many Chinese people.
Mont blanc is a French-language transliteration of Mont-blanc. It originated in the small town between France and Italy. People use the concept of Brown Peak and use the local chestnuts and blueberries as the main ingredient to make this dessert. The common ingredients we find in the market are chestnut mud, lemon cream, blueberry jam, sugar chestnuts, sable or dacquoise. Mont blanc is popular in the world and people from different places have their own ways to make it. No matter how Mont blanc is done, they can be recognized at a glance-Yes! This is what Mont blanc looks like.

The shape of Mont blanc is the Brownian peak that imitates the snow all year round. The frosting represents snow, and the brown chestnut mud represents the mountain. There are surprising blueberries or protein sugars in this “mountain range”.


As most people think that chestnuts are autumn fruits, so autumn is the best season for eating Mont blanc. But on a hot summer day, imagining that we are in the highest peak of the Alps, and feel the coolness? Come on! Use your imagination to construct your own Mont blanc!


Xiao Jinjin
Social Enterprise