My Feelings in Shanghai – by Wu Yaguang

My name is Wu Yaguang from Zhumadian, Henan province. I’m 22 years old.

I have never been Shanghai before. I just heard about what a fantastic city Shanghai is, but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. When I joined SYB program, my dream to Shanghai came true. Now I have been here for three months and Shanghai is a big city full of opportunities. We are exposed to many chances and more choices. I like Shanghai very much. I feel many chances spring up here and they may help me develop my career path and the experience in Shanghai will certainly help me a lot in future. I like Shanghai and feel it just like home. Now let me tell you more about my study and life in Shanghai. I have ever heard about baking, but totally have no idea of it. Therefore, I want to thank SYB for providing me this precious opportunity to learn this practical skill. Besides, heartfelt thanks to Carrefour for providing me with an internship to practice what I learned.

At the beginning I thought that it is very easy to bake bread. Actually is not. It is true that seeing is always easier than doing. I have been working in Carrefour for some time, and learnt a lot. I feel very happy from the bottom of my heart. And I learned that it is not easy to accomplish anything perfectly. Currently, I have learnt most of the baking process, while my bread is still not good enough. However, I never feel frustrated and just decided to study harder than before until I have a good command of it. Then I can teach this practical skill to more kids in more tough situations than mine. To them, it is a very useful skill to make a living in future. There is an old saying that “It is always good that person learn one more skill”. I strongly agree with it. What I plan to do is to learn this skill well as a repay to my mother and those kind people who helped us. I will not let you all down. I really like Shanghai and enjoy my work here. And I really benefit a lot from these experiences. Again, please allow me to express my sincere gratitude to our French teachers and those warm-hearted people.


WU Yaguang, student of class 1