Join us – Become an SYB volunteer at our weekend markets!

Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) is a charity program based in Shanghai, China providing a fully sponsored training in French and Chinese bakery and pastry to marginalized Chinese youth from 17 to 23 years of age. The goal is to allow them to find qualified jobs in the bakery-pastry making sector and lead an independent life after graduation.
We are now looking for volunteers!SYB will participate in Weekend Markets periodically to sell our students’ products and also as a way to promote our programme.

Every week, the SYB students make many delicious French-style breads or cakes, according to their training curriculum. They definitely cannot eat all of it by themselves (!), so in order to avoid food waste and also as a way to raise funds for our charity program, we sign up to Saturday markets (such as Jiashan market or SEE market), and sell what they have made. It’s a great way for us to showcase our baking expertise and tell people about our work empowering disadvantaged youth.

Our bakery/pastry teachers come themselves to bring the baked goods directly from our training centre, and share their professional recommendations and tips to the passing customers.They are generally accompanied by one or two students, who are often amazed to see their products being so appreciated by Shanghai’s both foreign and local consumers!

What do volunteers do?In each marketplace, we will need volunteers to sell the products, introduce the program to customers and sometime help with Chinese/English interpretation. Weekend Markets are always of a lot of fun, you will be able to interact not only with our teachers, students, graduates, and know more about what they do, but also meet like-minded people and of course taste some of our authentic French bakery at the SYB table. At the markets you can also find fashion goodies made by independent designers of the city, or artisan producers of food. So if you are planning a day out during weekends, why not consider to become our Market volunteer, to explore the most talented markets in town, and to support SYB.

What SYB volunteers say about their experienceMengxin: why do I volunteer? What has kept me engaged for more than two years? It is the joy I feel seeing the students grow and gain confidence in themselves and their futures. It’s knowing that my efforts have made a positive impact on the lives of others, and it’s the contentment I feel playing a small part in making this all possible. And of cause, their delicious bread and pastries.

Candice: In SYB, I can always see passionate and young faces who are really into bakery and helping others. I can feel their passion and happiness, making me a really luck one to get some of those from them too.

Our next volunteer orientation meetings are onThursday 8th March, 7pm (SYB office, Changshou Rd/Wuning Rd)

Thursday 5th April, 7pm (SYB office, Changshou Rd/Wuning Rd)

Please sign up beforehand with Mitty on to receive the full address.

We require all market volunteers to participate at least once to an orientation meeting before they volunteer, so that they can get a basic understanding of SYB and of volunteer role requirements.Once you’ve attended, you can sign up to help out for the 2-hour time slot of your preference. Please note that in order to avoid overcrowding at the SYB table, we only allow one volunteer per time slot. However, the orientation meetings are open to all, so if you’re just interested in knowing more about our program, or want to find out about our other volunteering opportunities (translation, design, photoshooting…), please do come!

For more information about the markets, feel free to contact Mengxin through:

Our next Weekend Markets:Saturday 17th and 31st March, Jiashan Market (Jiashan Rd/Shaoxin Rd)

Saturday 10th March, SEE Market (Metro Town, Zhongshan Park St)