It’s always Mother’s Day when you bring bread and pastries home

After the May Labor holiday, we will celebrate Mother’s Day on May 13th. It seems like most people only show their love to mom in their WeChat moments, but they don’t say it to their moms directly. If you are not comfortable saying, “I love you, mom,” out loud, it would be a great idea to let the SYB Bakers Baskets do the job for you.
The most heart-warming gift on Mother’s Day: a SYB bakers basket
As a charity organization, we stay focused on traditional French pastry training, and all the products listed for the Bakers Basket are hand-crafted by our students. Buying your mom one of the SYB baskets as a gift will not only allow you to express your love towards her, but you’ll also be supporting a charity program.
The most beautiful gift on Mother’s Day: a SYB bakers basket
All ingredients used for the training are sponsored by Sinodis and Grands Moulins de Paris. When choosing our ingredients like flour, dairy products, and chocolate, we always make sure they are of the highest quality.
The healthiest gift on Mother’s Day: a SYB Bakers basket
In addition to using high quality ingredients for all of our bakery items, we stick to traditional baking techniques, and follow strict food safety standards. We have breads that are sugar and butter free. Considering that you might get a cake to celebrate? We at SYB have you covered!
The most practical gift on Mother’s Day: a SYB Bakers Basket
Are you worried that your mom might be complaining that you are not good with money by buying her gifts for Mother’s Day? To choose SYB Bakers Basket as the gift will definitely assuage your concern, since it will surely bring her joy when she sees the whole family enjoying the cakes as breakfast.
The smartest gift: a SYB Bakers Basket
When everyone is bringing piles of things to show their love on May 13th, you might find it more thoughtful that mom can have her gift whenever she is ready. Right now, the SYB Bakers Basket vouchers are available. These will allow her to order the bakery items at her preferred time.
No matter if you would rather bring your mom the actual baskets or just the vouchers, don’t hesitate to contact us.  The baskets you will bring home are more than just breads and pastries; they are the blessings from all of our SYB students. She’ll be very happy and proud that you are supporting our charity program by giving her something so special.
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