April Newsletter: When supporting a charity makes good business sense

Lesaffre has been supporting SYB since its very beginning in 2009. Over the years, our partnership has evolved into a comprehensive collaboration, that incorporates not only financial support and technical skills training, but also soft skills and the means for the students to create a career for themselves.
Yeast is obviously one of the most essential ingredients in bread-making, and in that sense the Young Bakers’ visit to Lesaffre yeast factory in Anhui is an eye-opening experience for our students.
Specific trainings that Lesaffre provides on mantou, soft European breads or sweet buns, helps to give the Young Bakers a better understanding and grasp of the latest trends in the Chinese market.
Lesaffre HR’s workshops, competitions and games on public speaking, sales skills, and market research, allows our students to gain self-confidence and prepare for the multiple aspects and challenges of a career in bakery.
Shanghai Young Bakers is proud to partner with a company that has so successfully weaved its CSR and HR strategy into its long-term business growth, and that has understood that its people are the linchpin of its success, going the extra mile to invest in their personal and professional development.
Today, seven of our best graduates are working at Lesaffre, and fly out across the country to provide technical training to Lesaffre’s growing number of clients.
In 2016, Lesaffre Shanghai’s alliance with Shanghai Young Bakers won the Jury’s Special Prize at Lesaffre’s World CSR Awards, and fuelled the group’s discussions on best practices.
For Shanghai Young Bakers, it is a real pleasure to work alongside such a committed and professional corporate partner. When business and charity aligns, the future of young people is in good hands.
Thank you, Lesaffre, for your long-lasting support.
Program Director


Cecile Cavoizy
Executive Director


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