“The Marquise” cake

Bakers have always been adept at using modern elements in their creations. As baking and pastry-making evolve, we can discover new and surprising creations in cake and pastry shops.
For example, on the very popular Barbie Doll Cake, pastry chefs use icing to create lovely dresses in many colors and styles. They even make jewelry for Barbie.  It’s almost too beautiful to eat.
Traditional French pastries are known for their exquisite appearance and rich flavor. It’s not common knowledge that as early as 1671 during the reign of Louis XIV, there were already 3-D pastries like today’s Barbie Doll cake. This is thanks to a very beautiful French Marquise.

The Marquise was a hostess of great renown, famous for her lavish banquets.  She was also the first member of royalty to use expensive chocolate as a main ingredient in pastries. And, to show off her wealth and extravagant lifestyle, she would present lavishly decorated 3-D cakes to her guests. In her memory, pastry chefs created “The Marquise”, designed to reflect her kind appearance. Initially, it was primarily made of chocolate.  But over time, it has evolved and is now made in many different flavors.  One thing that’s never changed however, is its shape and the wish of pastry chef’s everywhere to honor and celebrate her beauty.

Behind every traditional pastry there’s an interesting tale. Shanghai Young Bakers not only creates delicious cakes and pastries but is here to share their fascinating histories together with you.
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