SYB’s Last Public Baking Class in this School Year

On June 9th, we welcomed our last public baking class at our baking center. In this class, our teacher Zhang taught participants to learn how to make classic French bread Country Bread and Brioche.
The basic production process of making the bread is divided into: stirring ingredients, checking the dough, dough fermentation, dividing the dough, forming, proofing and baking. Participants were divided in groups of two. They divided the tasks and cooperated together to complete those two classic French breads.


During the class, teacher Zhang especially presented the theoretical knowledge introduction so that the participants can grasp the professional baking knowledge when they practice baking stills and making bread, so as to meet their wish to strive for refinement in the baking learning.


From the morning to the afternoon, one day’s enriching learning not only allow the participants to obtain the bread they had made, but also to feel satisfaction in mutual cooperation and sharing.
If you also want to learn how to make bread and pastry as well as to support our program, we welcome everyone to participate in our public classes which will be launched in the second half of this year. More excitement are waiting for you to feel at our baking center! The income derived from public classes will be fully used to support SYB’s teaching mission and the costs of public welfare projects!
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