Public class: Don’t miss this semester last public class!

We have received overwhelmed registration since the announcement of our last public class in the first half year. This public class is on 9 June (next Saturday). Welcome to register in the last week!

Course details:


Course content: Country bread, Brioche (plain & orange zest)
Time: 10am – 3pm, 9 June Saturday
Location: SYB baking center (near Qilianshan Rd Station, Line 11)
Cost: 500 RMB + 100 RMB for lunch (free lunch provided if more than 10 people registered)


All proceeds from our classes are used to fund SYB’s work in empowering disadvantaged youth through bakery.

What you can get:
Bring plenty of and delicious bread home! A 5-hour professional bakery training! Support a charity program!


Welcome to register for the class through one of the following ways.
Tel:136 8168 7194