Campus Life Coordinator

Shanghai Young Bakers is a charity program providing free training in French bakery to marginalised Chinese youth aged 17 to 23, enabling them to find qualified jobs and lead independent lives after graduation. SYB empowers disadvantaged young adults who had to drop out of school because of their family situation (parents’ death, sickness, disability or imprisonment) and are excluded from stable employment.
The Campus Life Assistant will support and assist Student Life Coordinator in taking care of the students during the program, making sure that they are able to cope with the demands of their new life and study in a healthy and secure environment through coordinating the day to day needs. The Campus Life Assistant shall closely work with Program Director and Students Life Coordinator.
Main responsibilities:
1.1 NGOs relationships:
  • During recruiting phase, support the relations with new NGOs, answer any questions or request together with the recruitment manager, receive students applications and make first assessment of student life challenges and fit against selection criteria. Under the supervision of the Students Life Coordinator and the management of the Program Director, support the communication with NGOs and/or students family before students arrive in Shanghai.
    • Support the recruitment manager with students selection.
    • Receive, organize and file the applications of candidates to the program, and support the interview of the applicants (phone or interviews) together with the SYB program manager and teachers team.
    • Coordinate the interview scheduling.
1.2 Students arrival
  • Support Student Life Coordinator to manage students arrival program.
  • Assist to coordinate the arrival of the students to Shanghai with the NGO and/or the students, pick them up from train station and/or airport and take them to the accommodation location together with SYB volunteers and team.
  • Prepare the rooms for the arrival of new students. Purchase the materials needed for arrival in accordance with the approved arrival kids and budget, and coordinate the donations of arrival kits materials with donors. Coordinate the cleaning of the rooms and the welcoming package.
  • Help Student Life Coordinator to organize the distribution of students in each room.
  • Upon arrival, explain the rules concerning the room hygiene and safety and the necessary tasks for students to perform in order to maintain the standards of cleanness and safety.
1.3 Student’s daily expenses facilitator
  • Assist to manage the student’s daily expenses (including medical expenses, travel, transportation, etc.). SYB will provide an advance payment. Campus life assistant will manage the finance report and will make the expenses reimbursement application providing the expenses fapiaos, and explanation of expenses.
1.4 Dorm Hygiene and safety
  • Assist the on site inspection of the students rooms. Fill the room inspection report in each inspection.
  • Support immediate communication to the students any needs for improvement and make sure that the situation is fixed.
  • Keep the highest standards of hygiene, cleanness and safety in the dorm.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the Student Life Coordinator and maintenance team of the school the needs for facility update and/or repairs.
  • Draft reports regarding students daily life when instructed by Student Life coordinator.
1.5 Students’ discipline and well being.
  • When students arrive in Shanghai, support the Student Life coordinator in explaining SYB regulations and the school regulations and ensure that students are able to understand and comply with SYB and the school’s rules and regulations; and remind students of the behavior they should maintain on campus, and draft the report about any problems when instructed by Students Life coordinator.
  • Assist Student Life Coordinator to fill the daily log on book report with any communication, incident or other aspects related to students’ life.
  • Support students health, go with the students to any health provider as needed and instructed by Student Life coordinator. (Any decision affecting students’ must be done in agreement with the SYB management team),
  • Order the students lunch when they are outside the school and when the school does not have canteen service. Coordinate the meal tickets for the school canteen.
1.6 Students’ activities
  • Support when students go out for exams and outings or events;
  • Assist the external trainers when they come for training and prepare materials and devices needed for the class.
Position requirements: 
  • No age requirement, preferable female Chinese local.
  • Self-disciplined. Being able to report to SYB management and keep reports updated.
  • Affinity, ability to stand in the position of adolescents for their consideration, and to support the relationship between teachers and students;
  • Enthusiastic about charitable causes;
  • Ability to coordinate and maintain good relationships with project partners;
  • Good command of English and Chinese.
Working conditions:
  1. at least three months internship
  2. Location: Main working location is SYB office (West Nanjing Road subway station). Meetings expected to take place in students’ campus place (Putuo district).
  3. Intern position with flexible working hours, adaptable to students’ needs and program needs (weekends, evenings).
  4. Transportation and phone reimbursement allowance. As a charity project with limited resources, SYB is unfortunately unable to provide further financial compensation.
Contact us:
Please send your application in English to In your email, let us know why this assignment appeals to you, what kind of relevant experience you have (if any), when you would be available to work with us, and include a CV. Thank you!