Yesterday’s Clear Sky

Yesterday’s Clear Sky

On the road, meet yourself for your unknown parts.
I will remember all the time and people that I meet on the journey in my best years. Our experience is like a piece of thin paper, full of stories.
Time, like a grain of dust, floats across the pure sky of late summer. We arrive at SYB and enjoy our best time. Old days have already gone, and now we shall work hard on this area in our youth.
When we first arrived at this city, everything seemed a little bit messy. However, almost in the blink of an eye, I became good friends with my classmates. We went to class together, arrived late together, played at the seaside together…What a joyful time, it was the best memory we would never forget.

We have practice courses, theory courses and many other activities. These moments make our live colorful and I miss them so much. If you ask me the question that has been discussed heatedly, “who do you want to meet the most when the pandemic is over? “Without a doubt, it’s you!
Looking at the pictures of our first group activity, I remembered the day as if it happened yesterday. It was a bit hot but each one of us was excited with anticipation.

The hours and minutes I spent with all of you is so comfortable, like a delightful breeze. We devoted our time to learning and working, did our best to make ourselves become better, and cheered ourselves up. I still remembered the baking products I made on my first class. It was not perfect but was great fun.
Through studying, I not only learnt practice skills and theoretical knowledge, but also changed my bad habits and set up a higher goal for myself. The world is so big and complex. Other people’s goal is just a reference, but not a standard. Find your own way and walk along bravely. Try to be better, cover up your ears and don’t be distracted by noises, which, I guess, could be the best statue one could ever get.

In the book Ordinary World written by Lu Yao, he wrote that, “to create an extraordinary self in an ordinary world.” We are a group of young bakers with dreams. Young bakers, go go go!
It was soon that we have already finished half of our study. Although we couldn’t go back to school yet, we are able to continue with our study and see you all every day through online teaching and learning. We are grateful for the hard works from our teachers and we learnt a lot these days. Online study is much fun, but I still hope I could meet you all in person very soon.
Please follow us! Our best teachers are ready to teach you how to bake and it would be a different life you could experience.

During the special period, we hope you stay healthy. Please wash your hands as much as possible, and wear your masks.



The 12th Batch Student
Zhang Pan
Translator: Gao Yuejuan