The Opening Ceremony – by Xiao Jinjin

All of us were led by our teacher to Hotel Sofitel Hyland in the morning.

Upon our arrival, there was another teacher leading us into the hall in the hotel. There were guests arriving now and then. Next, the organizer of Shanghai Young Bakers gave a speech. I know clearly that without them I would never have had this opportunity, so I’m very thankful to them. After the organizer’s speech, the representatives from partner enterprises came to meet us. There, each of us met his respective mentor, and learnt about some basic information about the enterprise where one was going to be an intern.

Next, the president of Chi Heng Foundation, the director of the Children’s Home and the headmaster of Caoyang School gave a speech respectively. Their words made me realize that I should cherish this opportunity and work hard. Then, volunteers from Shanghai Young Bakers gave each of us a baker’s suit and also took some photos.

After the cocktail party, we all came to Nanjing Road to have a group photo taken. It’s really an unforgettable day and an unforgettable experience, which I will remember forever.

XIAO Jinjin, student of class 1