June Newsletter: 12th Batch of Students, We’ll See You Again Soon!

June Newsletter: 12th Batch of Students, We’ll See You Again Soon!

Dear friends and supporters of Shanghai Young Bakers, how have you been? As usual, we hope that in this special period of time, you stay safe and well. Summer is coming, and you might want to know how 12th batch of students have been, and what is the future plan for them.
As you know, our students have been staying home taking our online classes since CNY break because of the virus outbreak. Now considering the situation of virus control, training time, and program schedule, we decided to make an adjustment for the schedule of this batch. The training will be extended for this batch to late this year, ensuring all students will have enough time to learn baking skills and to complete the training in a quality way as previous batches despite the impact of the virus. Students will be back to the program after summer. During the summer, our trainers will keep contact with all students to understand their situations.
We are very proud of our students over the past few months. They handled the tough situations quite well. We also are happy to see how much we have experienced together in the 1st half semester.
1. School opening, when we first met

2. The Bund visit, to know more about Shanghai

3. Bakery and pastry classes, to open a new world

4. English and life skills classes, to develop soft skills

5. Bakery tour, to understand the market and the job of a baker

6. Sports activity at Aboro Fitness, to relax and stay healthy

7. Internships at 5 star hotels, to practise in real workplace

8. Participate in APM charity activity, to give back to society

In addition to the above, we also had hygiene training, Alumni get-together, GMP flour training, Lesaffre yeast and products training, Westin hotel tour, pre–internships lecture, first aid training, CP Kelco’s communication training, activity with Fudan University, sports games and etc.
We look forward to welcoming 12th batch back after the summer, and there will be more for the 2nd half. To be continued…



Liu Chenbo
Program Director