Endless Baking Inspirations in Summer

Endless Baking Inspirations in Summer

Hello dear SYB supporters and readers! We hope you are staying safe and healthy, as usual, during this yet to end pandemic. We also hope the humid, wet and hot weather of Shanghai and the ever-changing pandemic situation do not spoil your summer plan.
But if they do, and you are parent with kids younger than 10 years old, why not consider joining our upcoming small bakery sessions?

This summer, we offer two-and-a-half-hour sessions of dough shaping and pastry decoration for young children aged between six and ten. Children would be able to use their hands and creativity to start exploring the world of bakery, with products of their making by the end of a session. These are also good opportunities for you and your kids to spending time together in a charity setting that is different from the previous everyday home schooling. It would allow children to start getting familiar with values of solidarity and charity, learning about how their small actions can do great good for others. All of our sessions, except the 6 Jul. one, are still open to registration.

With every session you join, you would be directly supporting our charity programme. As a charity programme, we SYB gives disadvantaged young people (aged 17 to 23) from different parts of China one-year free training in French bakery and pastry, to empower them become professional bakers or pastry chefs and lead a decent life after graduation. This year, with the unpredictable situation, we and our students are facing unprecedented challenges. Your support in this time period will be even more valuable and meaningful as we are preparing for our current batch students to return to Shanghai to continue there disrupted training in after summer.
Of course, if you want a private session with only your children and friends, we would be happy to help you organize a special class. You may, for example, come to study the recipes you always want to learn and incorporate it with a friend gathering or birthday celebration for your children. Just contact us and we will help you out.

For now, we wish you and your family safe and well, and enjoying your time together. Looking forward to seeing you to enjoy together the fun of bakery and charity!



Zane Wong
Promotion Coordinator