Carmen’s charity fundraising birthday party

On Saturday, February 18th, our Baking Centre welcomed the first event of this kind: an all-in-one bakery class, charity fundraising and birthday party!

A young lady, Carmen, had decided to organize a birthday party that would make sense. After going through a difficult year and overcoming many ordeals, she felt she had to give back to the community. Watching the movie “Eat, pray, love” gave her this idea. She and her friends would take a class with our teachers to bake her birthday cake and breads, then celebrate and know that all the money they spent wouldn’t be wasted, as all profits are used to finance our students’ education fees.

So, on Saturday it was a very special class taught by our SYB teachers Wang Li and Zhang Zhenghai! From 3pm onwards, Carmen and her friends learnt how to bake 2 different kinds of bread, and also prepared themselves an impressive birthday cake (even tastier than how beautiful it looked like!). They then celebrated cheerfully, sharing the dinner Wang Li and Zhang Zhenghai had prepared (French quiches) and then of course the cake! According to the participants, this was a very unique birthday and made them feel not only happy but also proud of themselves!

Feel free to contact us if you want to organize a special event, take a baking class or order from us; our new catalogue has just come out thanks to our new Marketing manager Lin Cong!

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