Graduates’ testimonies : sharing their passion for baking beyond SYB

When our Young Bakers graduate from SYB and step foot into the professional world, we feel rewarded to watch their skills and confidence continue to grow. After graduation, almost all of our students have pursued a career in the bakery and pastry industry, and successfully established themselves in their jobs. Every year, it’s a thrill to see our Young Bakers’ family expand and continue to share a passion for baking. We have compiled here some testimonies from three of our students, who graduated, respectively, in 2014, 2016 and 2017.  They have shared a few words to express their gratitude and excitement about pursuing their careers in Accor hotels in Shanghai.
Liu Meimei:  Grand Mercure Hongqiao – Baker
Hello everyone!
I am Liu Meimei. I started working at the Grand Mercure Hongqiao Hotel in Shanghai on August 1st 2017, right after my internship ended.  My current position is baker.
I believe I am the luckiest person in the world to have been able to join SYB’s family.
By being at SYB, I really grew up, and expanded my knowledge a lot. I also learned what responsibility means.  And finally, I found a very good job. This job helps me support my family and sooth their financial difficulties. Thank you SYB for offering me a chance to change my fate. I dream of becoming a good baker and hope to feed everyone the French bread I learned how to bake.
Wang Chencong:  Pullman South –  Commis
I am Wang Chencong
In September 2016 I joined the Accor Group Pullman South Hotel, My actual position is Commis.
I am really glad to have joined SYB’s big family. I learned a lot of baking skills and it also enabled me to find a good job. I hope to continue developing my skills in this industry in the future!
Zhao Fangfang:  Grand Mercure Hongqiao – Cook
Zhao Fangfang, Grand Mercure Hongqiao Hotel in Shanghai. I have worked in this hotel as a cook since October 28th 2014. SYB exposed me to a new world, where I found the fun of life – in baking. As I work in a profession I love, it makes my life full of joy and happiness. In the future, I will fight for the cause I love!
Emma Louise Blondes
Partnership Manager