Advice for future graduates

He belongs to the fourth batch of SYB graduates, interned at Peninsula hotel during her study at SYB. Now he’s working at Ritz-Carlton. At 25, after floating around numerous dreams and aspirations, he settled upon the goal he set when he joined SYB at the age of ninety which is to open a bakery of his own, like many of his fellow SYB students. Reflecting upon the journey he has travelled thus far, he hopes to share his experience with fellow SYB students.
1. Right after graduation, one should focus on continually learning instead of immediate financial incentives. If we learn more knowledge, your finances will no longer pose a problem. During the interview, the taste test is of utmost importance because it shows your grasp of basic techniques. After graduation, there is a tendency for people to become complacent, lose self-motivation and improvement slows drastically. So, we should not be afraid of being tired, put effort into the things one wishes to learn and put material gain aside temporarily.
 2.Differences between working at a hotel compared to a bakery. At a hotel, benefits are usually better with 5-day work weeks, annual bonus and vacation leave. Additionally, you can try out new ideas easily but work load tends to be more repetitive. On the other hand, working at a bakery imparts more new knowledge as products are renewed every season and mentors come to train us sometimes. Personally, if he could choose again, he would choose to work at a bakery instead of a hotel because there are more learning opportunities available.
Recalling one of his fondest memories from school, he tells us a story of a master from MOF in France. “His products and thoughts left a deep impression on me. He possessed a huge number of original ideas. There was also a volunteer who translated for us, I admire those who can communicate well with foreigners.”
“SYB is a great place to learn French baking. Baking is also very interesting, once you understand it, you will learn much technical knowledge and its various intricacies. The more you learn, the more things you will want to learn.” I hope the students of SYB can find their passion in baking and continuously learn on their journey to master baking.
Mitty GU
Communication Coordinator
Translated by Fang Hong