Silliker provides professional hygiene training to SYB students 实力可向海上青焙坊的学生提供卫生知识培训

Silliker provides professional hygiene training to SYB students

As the Young Bakers have now started their French bakery classes and will soon start their internship at our partner hotels, we wanted to give them a more in-depth training regarding hygiene and safety. For this we called on Silliker’s services for the second time. For 45 years, the French company has been committed to reinforcing the quality and safety of food products worldwide by provide training and audit services to F&B professionals.

On Sunday, September 14th, their trainer Randy delivered a two hours training during which the SYB students got to learn more about personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene and how to safely handle ingredients and kitchen tools. As Zhang Zhenghai, SYB bakery trainer said “This was an extremely professional and useful training, it’s just what the students needed to know before starting their internships!”

Thank you to Randy and Silliker for their support to our charity program!

Emilie, SYB program manager