July 2011 Newsletter

As the last month of the academic year, July 2011 was a particularly rich and meaningful vintage for SYB.

The third class of SYB students graduated, and entered successfully on the labour market, all of them getting job offers, and being ready for a new life. Our 3 future teachers all got their CAP diploma in France, making us very proud and securing the education of the 4th and 5th classes.

SYB is also expanding its activities to gain sustainability, by offering social team-building sessions, last one being with Evonik.

Last but not least, SYB was honoured to sponsor the French National Day with two SYB students helping to bake the bread for the event.

Thanks to all your support for these events, SYB gradually finds its place in the Shanghai community, and gets more resources to help other students. Thank you to all of you!

Download the July Newsletter here (pdf)