Bon Appétit at SYB’s 10th Graduation Ceremony

With a blink of an eye, it is time for the Young Bakers to graduate. We will “celebread” the graduation of SYB’s 10th batch students this Monday July 9th. As a French bakery training institution, we will make sure to prepare abundant food for everyone at this special annual occasion!
At this year’s graduation ceremony’s buffet, we will retain SYB’s classic products as well as prepare more delicate French desserts and savoury pastries. Please stay tuned!
Naturally, we will provide superb French wines along with these tasteful French specialties.
Meanwhile, there will also be a various and delicious selection of cheese and cold cuts on the buffet table.
For this very special 10th graduation ceremony, our bakery and pastry teachers will prepare many creative new products, such as Plaisir Sucré, Tarte Mystère, “Long Fresh”. There will also be some “Bonbons au Chocolat” generously provided by Valrhona.


After looking at the buffet pictures from last year and getting a glimpse of this year’s menu, what do you think this year’s offerings will taste like? At the 10th graduation ceremony, we believe that our elaborate design will bring you unexpected surprises!
Time: 7pm Monday, July 9th
Registration Time: 7:00pm – 7:20pm
Venue: naked Hub@LSG, 4th floor, 35 Loushanguan Rd, near West Yan’an Rd
We are looking forward to seeing you there! For purchasing tickets and/or making a donation to help us purchase sugar, please click here.