SYB & Chi Heng We meet here

SYB & Chi Heng  Shanghai Gathering

On June 10th, students of Shanghai Young Bakers & Chi Heng alumni gathered in Shanghai. Volunteers from Shanghai were invited to participate in the event. More than 50 people participated in the event, and everyone shared and exchanged ideas. Shanghai Young Bakers and Chi Heng are a big family. We maintain close contact with every student, practice “putting wisdom into action” together, and integrate love and public welfare into life.

Students of Shanghai Young Bakers & Chi Heng Alumni & Mentors and Friends

On July 1st, Shanghai Young Bakers students & Zhixing alumni & mentors and friends were held in Shanghai, including more than 70 volunteers. The students work in various fields, and their good development is the work achievement of Shanghai Young Bakers, Chi Heng Foundation, Mentor and Helpful Friend Project. I hope every child can feel the warmth and love in such a big family. We have gone through every step together. A period of time, accompanied by each other. At the same time, I am also very grateful to the volunteers for their care.