Scale Up Feasibility Study Project Director

In the past 10 years, Shanghai Young Bakers has empowered over 240 disadvantaged youth through bakery. Thanks to our comprehensive and intensive one-year training program, and to the growing demand for qualified bakers on the Chinese market, the students graduating from our program have escaped the poverty cycle and found viable employment. They now lead independent, fulfilling lives, and contribute to society.



Our plan is to scale up our social impact by enabling other charity organisations to develop their own bakery program.



Right now, we need to work on a Proof of Concept (feasibility study), through which we can demonstrate the need for this kind of project, and clarify the exact operational and financial model it will have.



We are now looking for a full-time Project Leader who will work on the Proof of Concept (feasibility study), for a period of approximately 6 months, to:



  • design and disseminate offline & online communication material to promote the incubator program idea to potential participants (NGOs, charities, social enterprises, volunteer groups, companies with strong social responsibility…)
  • 创建线上与线下的项目推广资料,以推广向潜在参与者(民非组织,慈善机构,社会企业,志愿者团体,具有强大社会责任感的公司…)


  • interview NGOs
  • 与非盈利组织进行面试


  • write up the conclusions
  • 写总结报告


  • research and take into consideration issues linked to branding, licensing, legal agreements, and financial sustainability
  • 研究并考虑与品牌,许可,法律协议和财务可持续性相关的问题


  • define the SYB incubator’s operational model (including participation criteria, selection process, partners’ cost contribution, training modules, consulting format, follow up structure)
  • 确定计划的具体运营模式,包括参与标准,选择过程,合作伙伴的成本贡献,培训模块,咨询格式,后续结构


  • obtain feedback and validation from the SYB team
  • 从SYB团队获取反馈和验证


  • review the scale-up plan and assess exact opportunities and limits, together with the main stakeholders; define a detailed 5-year roadmap
  • 审核项目发展计划,并与主要利益相关方一起评估确切的机会和限制;定义详细的5年规划图


  • present the overall conclusions in a way that will appeal to potential financial supporters.
  • 将研究结果展现给潜在的财务赞助商


S/he will be fully integrated to the Shanghai Young Bakers operational team, and work on a regular basis with its bakery trainers, life skills teachers, and program managers. The position reports to the Scale-up Plan task force and to the SYB Executive Director.



If the study is successful, the Project Leader would be invited to join SYB as Scale-up Program Director, and lead the whole “Social Franchising / Affiliation through a Train-the-Trainer program”, from design, promotion, coordination, financing, to monitoring and evaluation.

如果研究成功,项目负责人将被邀请加入SYB作为扩大社会影响力项目总监,并通过设计、推广、协调、融资等方式领导整个“通过培训师培训计划进行社会特许经营/联盟” 的监测和评估。


Full project details 项目详细介绍: Shanghai-Young-Bakers-Scale-Up-through-a-Social-Affiliation-Plan-ENCN-Project-Manager 20180702


Position requirements 工作要求:


  • Good understanding of business models, especially social enterprises business models; able to give an initial evaluation of a project’s financial viability and social impact
  • 熟悉商业模式尤其是社会企业商业模式; 能够对项目的财务可行性和社会影响进行初步评估


  • Strong interest in social entrepreneurship and scaling up impact through an affiliation franchising model. Committed to making a difference.
  • 对社会企业和通过特许加盟模式来扩大影响充满兴趣。致力于做出改变。


  • Clear and professional communication skills in both English and Mandarin. French language skills will be highly appreciated.
  • 英语流利,能够清晰和专业地用英语和普通话沟通;懂法语者优先。


  • Excellent research, analytical and presentation skills
  • 优秀的研究,分析和演讲技巧
  • Proven experience of project management in a multi-cultural setting.
  • 多文化背景下的项目管理经验。


  • Interest in the food/bakery industry.
  • 对食品/烘焙行业有兴趣。


In view of this assignment leading up to the Scale Up Program Director position, we are especially interested in candidates who demonstrate:



  • An ability to lead, influence, and efficiently manage operations to drive a high-quality, financially sustainable model.
  • 领导,影响和有效管理运营的能力,以推动高质量,财务可持续发展的模式。


  • Strong organizational skills; able to work collaboratively and independently.
  • 强大的组织能力;能够协作和独立工作。



Work conditions 工作环境:

  • Work contract of either 6 months or 3 years, renewable
  • Location: Jing An / Putuo District, Shanghai + occasional travel in China
  • Compensation commensurate with competencies, experience, and ability to raise funds for this project


  • 六个月或3年的劳动合同,可续期
  • 地点:上海静安/普陀区+偶尔在中国出差
  • 薪资将根据有为该项目募集资金的能力和经验而定


Contact us 联系我们:

Please send your application (CV + short cover letter) to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.