Operations Officer

Shanghai Young Bakers relies on a network of sponsors and partners to operate its program. These include financial sponsors, hotel internship partners, in-kind donors, pro-bono service providers, corporate clients, as well as NGOs, schools and institutions who help ensure the quality of the program.
The Operations Officer acts as a deputy to the Executive Director, who leads and manages the operational and strategic aspects of the organization in coordination with the program stakeholders.
Main responsibilities:
1. Manage the Support Program functions (60%)
  • Daily Finance process: Validate and process employee reimbursements and program payments, reconcile accounts on a monthly basis, manage the overall master files (program finance file and social enterprise finance file), provide xls reporting as appropriate. Collaborate with our pro bono sponsor Mazars to complete the parts of accounting, taxation and auditing.
  • Manage the student’s daily expenses (including medical expenses, travel, transportation, etc.). SYB will provide an advance payment. Prepare the expenses reimbursement application providing the expenses fapiaos, and explanation of expenses.
  • HR: Assist team recruitments, HR contracts, salary/ social contributions payments & adjustments, other benefits, exits, in line with internal SYB process.
  • HR: Coordinate students’ recruitment: promotion campaign, NGOs prospection, interview organization and member of interview SYB committee.
  • Program operations: Coordinate students’ arrival in Shanghai or health hospital visits or other support to the daily activities of students. Manage team’s internal coordination and daily assistance needs
    • Act as team’s go-to reference point for internal coordination, including directing
      requests to the right person in charge, setting up team meetings, etc
    • Help ensure a good working environment, especially in regards to computer/network/email use/need for translation or institutions simple conversation
      follow up / office material
    • Train team members on the office IT tools and supervise their use to make sure all
      online documents and guidelines are kept clean and updated
    • Manage small office payments
2. Support corporate partnerships and fundraising efforts (10%)
  • Facilitate financial resources by recommending the proper Foundation channel. Lead the paperwork contract preparation.
  • Assist the Executive Director and the Resource Development Manager by helping designing and implementing appropriate sponsorship proposals, assist in the relevant connexion meetings.
3. Assist the sales operations made by the Social Enterprise team (30%)
  • Follow the customers’ registration and payment/FAPIAO process for SYB paying activities
  • Manage the SYB customer service (SYB wechat account)
  • Help in the preparation/coordination of the confirmed activities (material preparation, recipes prints, volunteers or graduates calls for support when needed )
  • Assist the operation of the catering service: Management and maintenance of onlinecatering service platform and catalogue. Research on measures to improve the operation and customer experience. Assist with other operational tasks in the service (follow the orders with customers, assist in case of requests or concerns)
Position requirements:
  • Dedication to contribute to a growing international non-profit, interest in gaining hands-on experience in social enterprise operations in a multicultural environment
  • Strong working knowledge in English, as well as Mandarin. French will be a plus
  • Basic knowledge about accounting and financial reporting
  • High autonomy, sense of responsibility and detail oriented
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills in a multicultural environment
  • Creative and pragmatic approach to delivering solutions
  • Time commitment: full time
  • 5+ years of work experience
  • Reporting to the SYB Executive Director for Part 1 and 2 and Social Enterprise Director for Part 3
  • Work closely with French and Chinese staff as well as volunteers from different nationalities and backgrounds
  • Contract in line with non profit standards
  • Location:
    • Office work: Chi Heng Foundation Shanghai office (静安区静安区江宁路212号)
    • Outside events at SYB Baking Centre (普陀区绥德路) or other locations
Contact us:
Please send us your application (CV + cover email) to xueyin@chiheng.org.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.