The 10th batch of students learned Fire safety rules

On December 17th, the 10th batch of Young Bakers had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Xu, a fire safety specialist currently working for GE corporation. Mark Xu is an enthusiastic supporter of our program. Over the past years, he took the time to train four of our batches of Young Bakers on fire safety measures. At work and at home, it is important to know how best to react in the event of a fire emergency.

Over the course of two hours, Mark explained to the students how fires can accidentally start, how fast they can spread and outlined the steps to follow in the event of a fire. Because the Young Bakers work in a kitchen, Mark raised their awareness about fire accidents. He advised the students on how to avoid kitchen fires. To ensure that students had assimilated his instructions, Mark simulated a small kitchen fire drill. He also showed them how to use a fire extinguisher – which everyone should be familiar with in the first place. The students were also offered the opportunity to practice an emergency evacuation from SYB’s baking center, gathering downstairs outside the building.

On behalf of the Young Bakers and SYB’s team I would like to warmly thank Mark Xu for providing the Young Bakers with this really essential training, which will be very useful in their everyday life, both at home and at work.

Marine Vitré

Program Director