Education Coordinator / Social Educator

Every year, SYB welcomes around 30 disadvantaged youth from all over China, for one year, to its bakery training program in Shanghai. From end of August to end of July of the next year, the students live at a vocational partner school (Caoyang school), have classes in this school as well as in the SYB Baking Centre (located 15 mins’ away by taxi), and follow a part-time internship at 4-5 star hotels in Shanghai.

Classes include:

  • French bakery & pastry (organized and taught by SYB trainers)
  • Chinese-style Western bakery (organized and taught by a teacher appointed by Caoyang School)
  • Life skills (content developed by NGO Included, organized by SYB and taught by volunteers)
  • Oral English (coordinated by SYB and taught by volunteers appointed by NGO Stepping Stones)

SYB strives to select students who need the training the most, and to teach them the necessary technical and social skills to empower them and allow them to live independently after graduation.

The Education Coordinator is in charge of caring for the students’ safety, well-being and emotional development during the duration of the training, by accompanying them on a daily basis as well as by organizing and supervising the non-technical curriculum. S/he will also manage all education-related aspects of the program and work towards increasing the social impact of the organization.


Main Responsibilities

  1. Act as an “everyday life” coach for the students
    • Supervise SYB students in class and in their daily life, coordinate their schedule and issues with all relevant parties
    • Take care of education-related finances (payments & reimbursements for medical fees, outings, transportation etc)
    • Ensure that the students adapt well to their new environment (life, class, work), that they understand and respect the school’s, the program’s and the internship place’s rules and regulations, in particular regarding attendance, presentation/hygiene and behaviour, and team respect. Report any major issue to the Program Manager
    • Work towards creating a caring and fair living and studying environment, where all students feel respected, without discrimination, develop team spirit, a sense of responsibility, autonomy, and skills to continue growing in their personal and professional life
  1. Organize and supervise the non-technical curriculum
    • Review and improve the life skills as well as the English curriculum, together with Program Manager
    • Manage its implementation, by finding appropriate organizations and volunteers and coordinating their schedule
    • Supervise and monitor the classes
    • Organize extra-curricular activities (with the support of the Program Manager and bakery teachers for the bakery-related activities)
  1. Lead the student recruitment campaign and manage NGO partnerships
    • Manage all relations with partner NGOs, especially during student recruitment campaign
    • Review applications and conduct interviews (face-to-face or by phone), together with Program Manager. Select applicants based on their needs and motivation, together with Program Manager, as well as the bakery and pastry teachers when appropriate
    • Search for new partner NGOs as appropriate, review their work and establish partnerships when appropriate
  1. Manage the whole Education aspect of the SYB program
    • Participate in the management team weekly meeting, present Education part
    • Participate in the teachers’ weekly meeting, present and share students’ issues
  1. Support SYB in increasing its social impact, visibility and long-term sustainability

Depending on candidate’s interest and time, responsibilities can include

  • Actively search for NGOs or other organizations that would be interested in setting up their own social bakery training, with our help, and manage the ensuing partnership together with the program manager and the bakery trainers
  • Develop and manage the SYB alumni network
  • Together with SYB communication coordinator, support SYB in its communication efforts towards sponsors and supporters by writing articles showcasing students’ progress, taking photos, shooting short videos, promoting them on SYB social media, engaging with media, reviewing and improving communication material (brochures, website, newsletter, etc)
  • Help SYB apply for national / municipal NGO awards
  • Coordinate with companies or organizations wishing to help us with in-kind donations for the students, competency-sharing / workshops, etc
  • Any other initiative that will increase the social impact, visibility and/or quality of the program will be highly appreciated


Work organisation

  • July-August: flexible work organisation. Trips in remote areas in China for student interviews
  • End August to mid-October: intensive student support, 6-7 days/week
  • Mid-October to mid-July: regular student support, 4-6 days/week (including weekends in case of activities or urgent issues)
  • Holidays: 2-3 weeks around Spring Festival + 2 weeks in August
  • Most of the work should be conducted within reach of the students, at Caoyang school or the baking centre. Outings with the students might take place all around Shanghai during some week-ends. Outside meetings at SYB office or elsewhere will also occur.



  • Native Chinese speaker
  • Background / experience in counseling, social work, education preferred
  • M/F, age 24-38
  • Shows authority, is able to set boundaries and build a fair and nurturing environment allowing mutual respect, team spirit and sense of responsibility, considers students’ long-term interests and well-being above all
  • Able to understand and manage issues related to vulnerable youth in their early adulthood
  • Share SYB’s values and principles, demonstrate strong sense of responsibility towards the quality of the program, show professional attitude

Contact us:

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