Spring outing of SYB at Shanghai Botanical Garden – SYB上海植物园踏青

Spring Outing of SYB at Shanghai Botanical Garden


 Last Sunday, March 20th, was the Spring Equinox, one of the 24 solar terms. The weather was pleasant and warm. The 30 SYB students of the 8th batch along with their teachers took this opportunity to do a spring outing to Shanghai Botanical Garden.


Once entering the garden, students were surrounded by patches of pink, romantic cherry blossom, colorful tulips and rows of lofty metasequoia, as well as many other unnamable plants. There are even two peacocks seen perching on the twig of a big tree!


Besides that, we also visited the greenhouse, orchid house and bonsai garden where some rare tropical plants, orchids and bonsais are exhibited. Students took a lot of pictures as their way to memorize this unforgettable experience with SYB at Spring Equinox.


Zhu Yunyun, Social Educator

 朱贇贇, 生活老师

Translation by Lu Jingyan, SYB Volunteer