Come and meet three SYB graduates at Barney’s Bakery ! 海上青焙坊毕业生回访之巴尼烘焙坊

Come and meet three SYB graduates at Barney’s Bakery !


In March, we had the pleasure to visit one of SYB’ employment partners: Barney’s Bakery. Located in Jiading district right in front of Jiaotong University campus, Barney’s Bakery can be defined as a community bakery, as it reaches out to the local communities living in the neighborhood, the schools as well as the foreign exchange students.

In the pursuit of offering quality products to her customers, Stephanie, founder of Barney’s Bakery, has successfully hired three graduates from the 7th batch of Young Bakers following the Career Fair organized last July.



On that morning, three happy faces welcomed us at the entrance of the bakery and it is with great excitement and curiosity that we entered the bakery shop. After getting updates from each of the graduates, they offered us a tour of the kitchen, from the equipment to the ingredients, production and decoration, their knowledge of the kitchen equipment and ingredients was impressive, and we could see a real passion in their eyes!

From French-style to Taiwanese style breads, from cookies to cakes, from sweet to savory, the graduates have the opportunity to bake a wide range of different products every day and even to develop their own recipes! In addition, they will have the chance to learn how to make coffee and have the chance to be in direct contact with the customers to receive their feedback, another great way to learn!



I really enjoy working at Barney’s Bakery, the people are very good here and treat us very well, their expectation of our work is also very demanding and professional, which is good for us to constantly improve”, says Xiao Wang.

We even have the chance to imagine and develop our own recipes, and after it passes the whole team’s approval, the product will be proposed to the customers, it is really great to have room for creativity”, says Xiao Zhang.



We are always extremely proud when visiting our graduates in their work place, when we learn more about their current situation, career plans and new expectations. It is also part of our role to encourage them while facing difficulties at work and to be there if they have any technical or personal questions.

If you are interested in hiring qualified bakers and become our employment partner, feel free to contact us at partnerships(a)shanghaiyoungbakers(dot)com. 


如果您希望雇佣高质量的烘焙师并且成为我们的就业伙伴,欢迎通过邮箱partnerships(a)shanghaiyoungbakers(dot)com 与我们取得联系。

Emilie, Program Director


Translation by Rao Liuxin, SYB Volunteer