Sharing session by the SYB graduates with the students 海上青焙坊毕业生分享会

Sharing session by the SYB graduates with the students


On March 14th evening, a few weeks after the start of the second semester, 7 of the SYB graduates came to the school to meet the current SYB students and share their experience. Having graduated from different batches, between the 1st in 2010 and the 7th in 2015, each of them had a different story to tell: from the difficulties met during their internship or classes at SYB, to the joys of seeing their own progress, times they wanted to give up and how they have found the strength to persevere, and how each of them has now become a successful baker, to finding their very own career path in the industry. 

3月14日晚上,也就是第二学期开始的几个星期之后,7名SYB毕业生回到学校,将他们的经验与故事分享给了本届学生们。 从2010年的第一届毕业生到2015年的第七届毕业生,不同的毕业生讲述着各自不同的故事:课上或者实习中所遇到的困难,看到自己成长与进步的喜悦,那些他们想过放弃,又坚持下来的时刻,以及他们如何在烘培行业中找到自己职业生涯的方向,成为一个成功烘培师的历程。

Here are some of the advice they shared with the students:

 “I realized that most of the problems I met during my internship were due to miscommunication, or should I say, lack of communication with my Chef. Slowly I started to open myself to him and my team, and the Chef realized that I really wanted to learn even though I was not showing it in the first place because I was scared of making mistakes”, says Xiao Wang, graduate from the 4th batch.

One day my Chef told me he could teach me anything I wanted if I had the thirst to learn, so every day, I was not only finishing my own tasks but always asked around if I could help my colleagues. It is really important to do more and show your motivation, this is when people are most willing to teach you”, says Xiao Zhang,graduate from the 2nd batch.  

I have one piece of advice to share with you all: whenever you leave a work place, it is extremely important to keep a good relationship with your Chef and leave in mutual respect and trust. You never know whom your next Chef will be and it is always useful to be recommended by someone who has worked with you before”, says Xiao Li, graduate from the 7th batch.

Yes it is tough, yes you need to get up early every day and carry heavy bags of flour, but the skill that you are current learning is priceless and will be useful for your whole life” says Xiao Liu, graduate from the 1st batch.


我逐渐认识到我在实习中面临的很多问题都是由于沟通不畅引起的,或者更准确说,是和师傅缺少沟通。于是慢慢的我学会了打开自己,不仅向主厨,也向整个团队。这样师傅才明白我是渴望学习更多知识的,尽管我一开始因为害怕犯错误而不敢表现出来。” 第四届毕业生小王如是说。

有一天师傅跟我讲,如果我真的想学,他可以把所有的都教给我,所以对于我来说,每天的工作不仅是完成我自己的日常任务,也是多帮助其他同事以学到更多东西,所以说多做是很重要的,你要表现出你的勤奋好学,这样别人才会想教你更多。” 第二届毕业生小张分享道。


“是的,我需要坦率的说,有时候并不是那么容易,你要每天起很早,抗很重的面粉袋子,但是你现在学到的每一样东西都是无价的,你的一生都会收益” 第一届毕业生小刘说。

After that, the Young Bakers reflected on their first semester with smiles: what used to take them 4-5 hours to make now only takes them an hour, what a huge progress! They now are able to read all the ingredients and recipes in English and have started to set very high standards for their own products, under the guidance of their teachers. But there is still a lot to learn and a very short time to make the most out of the time spent with their two amazing teachers: Zhang Shuai and Jin Huizi.  And, the good news is that in the bakery world, you do not stop learning day after day, year after year, as the industry is constantly developing itself and the job opportunities multiplying very fast!

At SYB we are very glad and proud to keep tight relationships with our graduates, currently 154 in total, and I would like to thank them very much for making time to come to the school share their experience with the students, but also for coming back regularly to help our program! 



Emilie, Program Director