The Young Bakers visit the Shanghai Museum 青焙坊学员游览上海博物馆

The Young Bakers visit the Shanghai Museum 



On Sunday, December 20th morning, the Young Bakers had a quick breakfast and took the metro to the center of Shanghai, People Square. Not far from there is the famous Shanghai Museum, five floors, eleven galleries of ancient Chinese art.


With curiosity, the Young Bakers entered the Museum and went from gallery to gallery, discovering the beautiful pieces from the different dynasties. Coming from 8 different provinces around China, it was a great chance for them to discover about their classmates’ culture and customs in the ancient times, such as the clothing and jewelry. As we all gathered on the first floor, the students were sharing what they had seen, talking about the ancient Chinese characters which were so hard to memorize, the different types of jade, and everything they had learnt during these few hours. After a morning of relaxing it was then time to go back to the dormitories to review for their French bakery test the next day!


Emilie, Program Director