One day in pastry class with the Young Bakers 青焙坊学员的一天——甜点课程学习

One day in pastry class with the Young Bakers


As the Young Bakers are now interning at different hotels, the time spent with their own teachers at the baking centre is even more precious than ever. As the students can learn a lot through both their internship and their intensive training at SYB, it is for sure that their skills will keep improving. It is with great excitement and admiration that I followed them during one day of pastry class at SYB!


8:00 a.m. The Young Bakers’ busy day of French pastry class starts!



9:30 a.m. After reviewing the theory, time for practice!


Today, they will learn 3 different traditional French recipes, including the beautiful Saint Honore which I had never seen in Shanghai before. The Young Bakers are extremely lucky to be using high-quality ingredients which are imported from Europe for their training, thanks to our in-kind sponsor Sinodis!

今天要学习的配方是千层酥、杏仁酥和圣多诺黑(Saint Honore),全都按照法式配方制作。我过去从没听过圣多诺黑,这是一种外形奇特而漂亮的香醍泡芙。青焙师们平时学习所用的都是欧洲进口的高品质原料,这得益于西诺迪斯(Sinodis)长期以来对我们的烘焙教学提供原材料的赞助!

Carefully watching and listening to teacher Jin, the students also take notes for later review.



12.30 short lunch break

中午12:30分, 短暂的午间休息。

13:00 p.m. Back to work! While the dough previously made is ready to be put into the oven, the Young bakers start to prepare the rest of the products they have been learning for the day.



17:30 p.m.  Time to see the final products and for the teacher to evaluate each student’s production of the day!


Robin, Communication Manager

谈庭青, 媒体与沟通