SYB family reunites for Moon Festival 海上青焙坊家庭中秋大团圆

 (4th batch students are singing 第四届学生唱歌)

 ( students are cutting the birthday cake 学生们切生日蛋糕)

 (students are reading poems 学生们在诗歌朗诵)

  (boys and girls are making a wish 大家在许愿)


SYB family reunites for Moon Festival

September 30th was an exciting day for all Chinese, as it marked the celebration of Moon Festival. Everyone in SYB was also looking forward to that day, even more so as SYB was organizing a gathering between its graduate students and the current 22 young bakers.

The whole evening was a lot of fun: the 5th batch students had prepared short performances, some of them singing, others dancing or declaiming poems they had written. The teachers’ hadn’t
 prepared any song but the students asked every one of them to improvise something, under much laughter.

The goal of that party was of course to celebrate together, but also to enable students of all enrolments to get to know each other, and to strengthen their sense of belonging to Shanghai Young Bakers. As the students were about to start their internships, they bombarded the graduates with questions about their own experiences in hotels. Around 20 graduates were there, from the 1st to the 4th batch, and each of them was a symbol of success for the young bakers. Bakery teacher Wang Li was very moved to see them, she said: “Although sometimes teaching can be tiring, I miss the students a lot once they graduates. I’m so happy that we are all together today!”

The evening ended with a shared dinner, with students’ baked goods and of course moon cakes! Xiao Jinjin, the pastry teacher, had prepared a birthday cake and all the students born from July to September blew the candles and made a wish…Their wishes will stay secret, but they probably include to become a great baker!