SYB Baking Story-Chapter 1 │ He Jixiao & the Brioche recipe. 海上青焙坊烘培故事-第一章 │何基笑和布里奥面包配方

SYB Baking Story-Chapter 1  │ He Jixiao & the Brioche recipe. 

海上青焙坊烘培故事-第一章 │何基笑和布里奥面包配方

Click the image below to watch the video featuring a SYB student, He Jixiao, sharing his life and passion for baking and showing the recipe of Panetone, a special Christmas brioche.  


Brioche is traditional French sweet bread with golden color and amazing flavor. It can be declined in a large variety of shapes and flavored with special ingredients. This recipe is taught in the public class taught by Zhang Zhenghai on March.5 in SYB training center.
法国布里奥面包是一种传统的法式甜面包,它以金黄的颜色和酥软的口感深得大家的厚爱。布里奥种类繁多,有着不同的形状,每种不同的原料都会带来意想不到的美味。 这个配方在3月5日由张政海的对外烘焙公开课也有教授。

*The video is fully sponsored by CARAT China.