CPR Shanghai gives first-aid training to the Young Bakers 上海安刻急救培训向海上青焙坊学员们传授急救知识

CPR Shanghai gives first-aid training to the Young Bakers


On March 17Th and 31st, the Young Bakers had the opportunity to learn a very important skill: first-aid and CRP.

What should you do if a colleague is injured? What to do in case of bleeding? Which phone number should you call and what to say? All these questions were asked to the students by Jimmy Wu, Founder of CPR Shanghai, who then took the time to explain them step by step during the session, with both theory and practice.



As future bakers working in professional kitchens, it is important for the students to be ready when an emergency strikes. Thus on that day, they learnt how to deal with common injuries such as bleeding, heart attacks, allergic reactions, heat strokes, etc. Upon training the students will even have the chance to receive the certificate of participation from CPR Shanghai!  


I would like to warmly thank CPR Shanghai for providing this CPR and First Aid training to the Young Bakers, skills that would not only save them in their personal daily life but will be extremely valuable during their day-to-day work as bakers!


Emilie, Program director