SYB 2016 Sept Newsletter 上青焙坊2016年9月简报月刊

The Young Bakers started their intensive training!


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The new batch of Young Bakers started their training one month ago and they are since then following an intensive schedule. They started learning the fundamentals of traditional French bakery and French pastry and it is really moving to observe pride and hope in their eyes when they baked their first own bread!


In order to ensure high quality training, students followed practical and theoretical training in bakery and pastry but also thematic training such as food safety and hygiene. Outings are also organised to help them discover Shanghai and its possibilities: outing through Shanghai streets to discover its Cultural heritage to the Bund or a visit to some of Shanghai’s most popular bakeries.


Additionally, to enable the students to adapt well to the 5-star hotel environment where they will start their internship on October 18th, a team of amazing volunteer teachers from our partner NGO Stepping Stones has been teaching them the basics of English: from daily conversation to bakery ingredients, tools and equipment, the Young Bakers receive a specific English training.


For 9 years, Shanghai Young Bakers has been progressively recognized as one of the best French bakery schools in China. In order to be sustainable, SYB also expanded its offers to bakery professionals, such as recipe development, staff training and consulting, as well as master classes and public classes for home bakers, and teambuilding and catering services for companies.


We are really happy to count on social-minded individuals and companies wishing to contribute to our program and of course, we always welcome new partners that can contribute to train more marginalized Chinese youth!


Let’s wish good luck to the Young Bakers in their new path to becoming qualified bakers!



Program Manager



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